The Trango Harness Lineup

Our selection of harnesses has something to offer for any type of climbing, and any age of climber! Here's a helpful guide to understanding each harness's best uses and standout features to make your selection easier. All-Around Harnesses These…
Close-up view of Alex Johnson hanging on the Rock Prodigy Pivot hangboard

Choosing your Rock Prodigy

With three unique designs, the Rock Prodigy hangboard family can meet you where you are, and help you tick off your training goals. But - how do you decide which board is best for you? There's more to it than beginner, intermediate, and advanced.…

Introducing the Vergo by Trango The Vergo is an all-new assisted braking belay device from Trango. We designed the Vergo with ergonomics in mind, meaning that the most comfortable way to use the Vergo is also the safest way. In…

The Vergo Belay Device by Trango The all-new Vergo belay device brings new dimensions of safety and ergonomics to belaying. Check for more information.

Eastern Offwidths: Big Bros Take on China When you think of climbing in China, limestone sport routes probably come to mind. This spring, Irene Yee and her crew of offwidth aficionados took on some of China's lesser known terrain...offwidths.…

VIDEO: A Day in Vedauwoo with Pamela Shanti Pack

Ever wonder what it's like to climb with an offwidth legend? This summer, we spent a day romping around Vedauwoo's storied wide cracks and chatting with Pamela Shanti Pack and partner Devin Fin.