Climbers sitting around a campfire
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El Alma Del Salto (Part II)

The history of climbing locations is something that is oft passed through spoken stories – with accuracy falling short of what those playing telephone on playgrounds would deem acceptable. Chronological order is muddled, “he-said, she-said” reigns supreme, and some of the best (or most entertaining) parts of the story fall through the cracks of selective listening or selective sharing. During my trip in January 2022, some climbers and I were talking to Ramon and asked if he would host a dinner so we could learn a more complete composition of the origins of El Salto. So, it’s through their eyes that I hope to waft this story north of the border. I don’t propose that I am the “right” person to write this story down – but merely that it should be written down. And if I’m the vessel for the message, then so be it.
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El Alma Del Salto (Part I)

El Alma Del Salto (Part I) By Trango athlete Karly Rager Click here to read El Alma Del Salto (Part II). Air ribbons floss car windows on the road to La Cienéga de González. Their cool poignancy is amplified by the fact that I’ve…