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Hangboard training, and climbing training as a whole, have traditionally been an inexact science for us (the Trango staff) and many climbers we interact with. Operating as amateur physiologists, we pulled training resources from books, blogs, articles, and podcasts to create our own training plans, but they were typically pretty haphazard approaches based heavily on having fun, and only loosely on improving. The launch of the Rock Prodigy Training Center and Rock Climber’s Training Manual this year has changed that for us. While the success of product creators Mike and Mark Anderson is well documented, we were unsure of how the regimen would work for us. A year later, we have experienced steady improvement, are climbing harder, and have a clear idea of how to train systematically and efficiently. Thankfully, this success has also been experienced by many of our users. Here are a few positive reviews from the past year.

Outdoor Gear Lab:

“The Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center is exactly that, a training center. It is the perfect board for the most calculated and systematic users, who will want to track and be thoughtful about their progress.”

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Evening Sends:

“I love this two-piece hangboard because you can customize its width to fit you body. As we all know, hangboarding is the quickest way to improving. This well-designed hangboard makes it easy to take incremental steps in progressing difficulty.”

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Training Beta and Jonathan Siegrist:

“Kind of the holy grail as far as I’m concerned. This board was designed by Mark and Mike Anderson and they have really done a great job. This board pretty much covers every trainable grip position, including 3 different sized pinches which are fantastic. A heinous crimp edge, rounded crimps of all sizes and several 2 and 3 finger pockets. It even has full on jugs on top and a sloper rail.”

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Climbing Magazine:

“Stop whatever cobbled-together exercise regimen you’ve concocted and check out brothers Mike and Mark Anderson’s thorough and extensive training system, ideal for the busy weekend warrior who needs efficient exercises.”

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The positive sentiment around the RPTC and the accompanying book (Rock Climber’s Training Manual) mirror the experiences of our staff and athletes. We are proud to continue producing products that help fellow climbers improve and achieve their climbing goals.