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El Alma Del Salto (Part I)

El Alma Del Salto (Part I) By Trango athlete Karly Rager Click here to read El Alma Del Salto (Part II). Air ribbons floss car windows on the road to La Cienéga de González. Their cool poignancy is amplified by the fact that I’ve…
Nate Kenney holding a Trango Raptor Ice Tool
Top-down view of Mike Anderson climbing The Renaissance, 5.14a, his latest first ascent in Colorado's San Luis Valley.

The Trango Harness Lineup

Our selection of harnesses has something to offer for any type of climbing, and any age of climber! Here's a helpful guide to understanding each harness's best uses and standout features to make your selection easier. All-Around Harnesses These…
Close-up shot of Alex Johnson's hands crossed at the wrist while she stands on a bouldering crash pad.

Alex Johnson’s Training Tips

By Trango athlete Alex Johnson My approach to training has changed exponentially over the years. When I was young, it was just climbing a ton at the gym, maybe some 4x4’s, sometimes coupled with some lay-on-the-floor core exercises…
Close-up view of Alex Johnson hanging on the Rock Prodigy Pivot hangboard

Choosing your Rock Prodigy

With three unique designs, the Rock Prodigy hangboard family can meet you where you are, and help you tick off your training goals. But - how do you decide which board is best for you? There's more to it than beginner, intermediate, and advanced.…
Photo of Bobby Taft-Pittman bouldering

Introducing Bobby Taft-Pittman

Meet Team Trango's newest athlete! Our team of Trango athletes is comprised of inspiring climbers with high stoke for their sport, and Bobby Taft-Pittman is no exception. Hailing from Golden, CO, we're thrilled to have him join our team,…
Karly Rager Priest on Our Father, 5.10d. Photo by Nate Kenney.

Onsight Climbing – Definition, Nuances & Tips!

By Karly Rager Priest Hey there! I’m Karly – I am a Trango athlete and a Certified Personal Trainer, and I run my own coaching business, Project Direct Coaching (@projectdirect_coaching). I work with a lot of climbers, and many, many…
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Nate Kenney: Winter Climbing Tips & Tricks

Selecting the right gear for winter alpine and mixed routes presents a challenge: many routes have the same technical protection challenges of their summer variants, with the added complexity of winter weather, carrying more layers, cold…
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Vietnam Dreaming – Skiy DeTray

By Trango Athlete Skiy DeTray Sitting here in these COVID-19 times its best we pursue domestic adventures, but its still fun to reminisce about the wonderful freedoms we had before the world locked its borders. Able to jump on a plane and…