**Jack Tracy one of the best 5.12bs in New England. Wild Thing extension is a full 30m pitch that involves absolutely necessary moves on a laser-cut dihedral. The crux involves a huge throw and if you blow it, you fall past a huge roof and into the void. This cliff is the coldest crag we have in the summer… Awesome!** 

New England is one of those wonderful places where there is never one superior crag. I noticed this when visitors come and they are like, “well, where should I climb.” Normally they head to Rumney for sport or Cathedral for trad, but that’s not even the CliffNotes version of what the region has to offer. There may not be one superior crag, but on any given day, there is one optimum crag to go to. It’s really fun to scout weather, think about the aspect of cliff (sunny? shady? wet? dry?)…it’s like you could write an algorithm for the best place to climb on any one day to climb in New England….

So sitting here looking at Coulomb’s law and the Thin Lens Formula preparing tomorrow’s MCAT exam, my mind is racing about what projects I have at what cliff. Can’t wait to share New England’s hidden gems with you guys. Stay tuned friends!! Pat.