Erica Lineberry


Charlotte, NC

motivation to climb

Enjoying a day outside in the mountains with friends was the original draw, but as I got more and more into the sport, the motivation became more personal. I love the athletic challenge, as well as the problem-solving aspects of working out all those subtle nuances that finally unlock to make a route “go.” Nowadays a big part of it for me is being a role model for my son (and soon-to-arrive daughter), and teaching them that the best of fun is had AWAY from a TV screen.

most memorable climb

In 2012 I had a goal to send “Twelve 5.12’s in 2012.” Prior to that year I’d only had one 5.12 redpoint, so knocking off one per month was definitely going to be a challenge – physically, mentally, and even logistically since we climb as a family. After a broken ankle got me off to a rough start for that year, I worked hard and was able to snag my 12th tick with a month to spare. Having a year-long goal like that was very memorable because I learned so much during the process – obviously about climbing and projecting routes, but also about myself.

favorite climbing spot

Hands-down for me would be the New River Gorge. Aside from the obvious reason that the climbing is world-class, it feels like a second home to us, as our family spends most weekends there during good weather (and often during not-so-good weather…) Choosing just one climb there is almost impossible, but if I had to choose right now I’d say Freaky Stylee (5.12a), at Endless Wall. Lots of hard, sequency moves with pretty good rests in between, culminating with big whipper potential at a stopper crux just before the anchors!


A lot of people wouldn’t think that babies and climbing are lifestyles that can co-exist, but Erica Lineberry is living proof that it can be done successfully! Erica first tied into a rope back in 2006 and has been hooked ever since. Her biggest, most exciting adventure to date began in 2010 – motherhood. A firm believer that starting a family doesn’t mean the end to climbing, Erica climbed throughout her entire pregnancy, and was back on the sharp end 4 weeks post-partum. Ironically, Erica and her family are now logging more days on the rock per season than ever before, and she has been able to send a full number grade harder than her pre-mom days. Now the family is expanding yet again, with baby #2 on the way in early March! While climbing with TWO kiddos will no doubt take some extra effort, Erica and her family are looking forward to the challenge. Professionally, Erica is a freelance writer, and blogs regularly about tips for family adventuring with kids over on her website,