Bobby Taft-Pittman smiling at camera with Trango Stratus crashpad on back


Bobby Taft-Pittman


Orlando, FL

I grew up climbing in a gym down in Orlando, FL, and I moved out to Golden, CO in late 2018. There wasn’t any outdoor climbing where I started, so all of my focus was directed to indoor climbing and competitions. Throughout my youth career, I watched a lot of strong climbers from my gym move out to Colorado to crush fun boulders out here. That was a big motivation to move my life to Colorado.

motivation to climb

Climbing is a wonderful outlet to relieve stress in my life. It helps me with discipline in my day-to-day things, and it is always fun to see the progress I make. Pushing myself in this sport is one of the coolest feelings. The euphoria while standing on top of a project, or even just being outside in nature, is enough to keep me going.

most memorable climb

My most memorable climb would probably be Echale (V14) in Clear Creek Canyon. Even though it wasn’t my hardest climb, I put a lot of time and effort into it. I remember screaming with emotion while standing on top of the boulder and it almost made me cry with happiness. That climb became a mental battle very quickly and I was stoked to get it done.

favorite climbing spot

My favorite climbing spot would have to be Estes Park! I love the fact that there is climbing year-round with so many hard boulders to choose from. There’s lower elevation stuff to do in the winter, and higher elevation stuff to do in the summer! The views aren’t too bad as well.


I was born in Germany back in 1999. Growing up in a military family, I moved around a good bit until my mom retired when I was 7. We settled down in Florida, where I found climbing at age 8. It really helped to have something solid in my life. I was drawn in by the pretty colors of plastic, then stayed for the challenge and the amazing community. Growing up with a single mother was hard for the both of us, but it made us both stronger individuals in the long run. My mom put just as much effort in getting me to competitions and crags as I did training and competing there. I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for her and I’m super grateful that this sport was so welcoming for the both of us!