Take the “Rock Prodigy Forge User Experience” survey!

Last winter we asked our loyal readers to provide feedback on the Rock Prodigy Training Method, and the Rock Prodigy Training Center. Your responses were overwhelming, and we really appreciate the feedback! Some of the data from that survey was published in our research paper, “A novel tool and training methodology for improving finger strength in rock climbers”.

The all-new Rock Prodigy FORGE, by Trango. The world's most advanced finger strength training device.

The all-new Rock Prodigy FORGE, by Trango. The world’s most advanced finger strength training device.

Well, now I’m at it again. After incorporating your feedback, we launched the all-new Rock Prodigy Forge hangboard this past fall, and would like to get your feedback. If you’ve tried the Forge, please take a moment to complete our new survey. It’s much shorter than the last one (sorry about that 🙂 )…only 10 questions this time, and should take you 5 minutes or less. The survey will ask questions such as, how long you’ve been using the Forge, any improvements in your climbing performance since using it, and your overall assessment of its effectiveness. Before completing the survey, it may help to review this article that describes its new features.

Once again, the data from the survey will be incorporated in a research paper to be published at the annual conference of the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA 2016).

New this year…all survey respondents are eligible to enter a raffle for free shwag from Trango and autographed merchandise from Rock Prodigy Training!

To enter the raffle, after you have completed the survey, enter “Raffle Entry” in the “Leave a Reply” comment box at the bottom of this page. WordPress will automatically send me an e-mail with your contact information. This will keep your survey responses anonymous. Thanks for your help!!!

Here is the link to the survey.