Photo of Bobby Taft-Pittman bouldering

Meet Team Trango’s newest athlete!

Our team of Trango athletes is comprised of inspiring climbers with high stoke for their sport, and Bobby Taft-Pittman is no exception. Hailing from Golden, CO, we’re thrilled to have him join our team, and are excited to watch him crush problems and grow his climbing career. We chatted with Bobby about his climbing history, motivations, and goals for the future:

Photo by Alton Richardson

Born in Germany to a military family, Bobby experienced frequent moves during his early years, until settling in Orlando, FL, when he was 7. There, Bobby was introduced to climbing at a local gym, and the rest is history. In late 2018 Bobby moved to Golden, CO, after seeing other climbers from his home gym relocate for the top-quality climbing that Colorado has to offer. He consistently adds to his list of climbing accomplishments, and brings a high level of energy and excitement with him to any project. Read on for highlights of our conversation with him, and don’t forget to check out his athlete bio on our Team Trango page.

How did you get started with climbing?
I have been climbing for 13 years, and first got into it when I was 8 years old. I had my birthday party at the gym, fell in love with the sport, and never turned back! Growing up in Orlando, FL, there wasn’t any outdoor climbing, so all of my focus was directed to indoor climbing and competitions.

Who has had the most influence on your climbing?
My coach Eugene Hoberg down in Florida would most definitely be my biggest influence. He treated me like a son, and helped me become the man and climber I am today.

What are some of your favorite or proudest climbing moments?
My favorite climbing memory is the first time I won nationals. I was in complete shock – I was not expecting to do so well!

My most memorable climb would probably be Echale (V14) in Clear Creek Canyon, CO. Even though it wasn’t my hardest climb, I put a lot of time and effort into it. I remember screaming with emotion while standing on top of the boulder, and it almost made me cry with happiness. That climb became a mental battle very quickly, and I was stoked to get it done.

Has climbing had any unexpected positive impacts on your life?
Climbing has taught me discipline and structure, but also how to have fun! It’s a wonderful outlet for stress, and it is always fun to see the progress I make.

What are some of your climbing goals for 2021?
My biggest goal of 2021 would be to climb V16. Building up my V14 and V15 base should definitely help!

Favorite Trango & Tenaya gear?
The new Trango Stratus crashpad is the perfect balance between firm and soft. Taking diggers straight to the back doesn’t hurt anymore! (note from Trango: the Stratus is due to hit shelves in 2022)

For Tenaya, the Mastia is a favorite. They have to be the most comfortable and easiest-to-break-in shoes that I have ever worn. Even after downsizing 3 sizes, they feel good to go after the first sesh!

What are some of your hobbies beyond climbing?
I love working with my hands and building furniture.
Right now I am in trade school for carpentry, electrical, and plumbing.


Age: 21
Location: Golden, CO
Favorite place to climb: Estes Park, CO
Go-to crag snack: bell peppers with peanut butter
Instagram: @bobby_the_climber_


Highest send: V15

USA Climbing | Sport National Championship
2018 Male Junior Champion (age 18)
2016 Male Youth Champion (age 16)

USA Climbing | Bouldering National Championship
2018 Male Junior Second Place (age 18)
2016 Male Youth Second Place (age 16)

Bobby Taft-Pittman pulling a Tenaya Mastia shoe onto his foot while sitting on a Trango Stratus crashpad.

Bobby Taft-Pittman reaching for the top hold of a boulder problem in Boulder Canyon, CO. Photo by Alton Richardson.

All photos by Alton Richardson

Bobby Taft-Pittman reaching with legs extended out for the top hold of a boulder problem in Boulder Canyon, CO. Photo by Alton Richardson.