I haven’t blogged in a while.  Why?  Well, its been like…ok today I didn’t rock climb, I hangboarded.  Today I didn’t climb because I just hangboarded or I’m going to hangboard.  I’ve decided to commit myself to a dedicated hangboard workout.

My friends Mark and Mike Anderson are writing a book on training – how they went from weekend 5.12 climbers to onsighting 5.13 and sending 5.14.  A couple of my friends have tried the hangboard workout and suggested it to me.  Dude. It’s awesome.

It’s hard to explain the workout, so I’ll just post my exercise sheet at the end, but it consists of picking 6-8 holds and hanging 6 times then 5 times then 4 times with increasing weight with 3 minute rests between everything.

I can just feel myself getting stronger, its great!  I totally feel like I’m going to achieve my goal for the season:  Climb 5.13b.