Welcome to Front Range Fridays. Over the next few weeks, our athletes and staff will be sharing their secret spots, favorite projects, and local beta. This week, we’re revealing our Most Underrated Routes in the Front Range.

  1. Great question! Stone Love (10d) in the Flatirons comes to mind. So does Momentum Operator (5.11) and Crack Up (5.9) on Broken Rock in BoCan. Boy, so does a lot of routes actually. People get this tunnel vision about what a guidebook or mountainproject says is classic and then so many quality routes get overlooked. Come to think of it, I better to stop talking so my favorite routes remain uncrowded. Shhh…. forget we even talked. – Jason Haas
  2. I love Sonic Youth (13a) in Clear Creek Canyon. It’s also a great winter route if the temps aren’t too low, because the river is low enough in winter for an easy belay stance. Very dynamic route with steep terrain, a dihedral and interesting final moves to the anchor. – Melissa Love
  3. Only Entertainment, 13b, Elevenmile Canyon. It’s the best route in a canyon that is off the beaten path, out of the standard FR climber rotation – Mike Anderson
  4. Undertow (The Slab, Flatirons). Maybe the best 5.12 sport climb on the Front Range, with perfect rock and great moves.  It’s a little slice of the Red River Gorge right here in Colorado! – Mark Anderson
  5. The Silk Road (WI3 M5 R) on the First Flatiron. Some years a two and half body length pillar forms – Alton Richardson
  6. Bone Crusher!Ryan Gajewski, Sales Coordinator