Welcome to Front Range Fridays. Each Friday we’re sharing the hidden gems, underrated climbs, and best crags that no one is talking about. This week, we’re sharing 5 can’t miss crags for winter climbing.

Best Winter Crags in Colorado's Front Range

  1. Graveyard Wall, Clear Creek – fairly newly developed, all day sun, easy mostly paved approach. Almost all of the climbs on the wall are gems – Justin D’Altorio, Trango Purchasing Lead
  2. The Platte. Specifically Thunder Ridge and Turkey Rock. And if people were honest, they’d all admit that a sunny February day after a monster snow storm, there’s no better place to climb in a t-shirt than North Table Mountain. People hate on it for slick basalt but I’m telling you. When you’re freezing your toes off in Eldo, I’m catching a sun tan at Table Mountain. And I could list off enough routes there to leave any climber grinning ear to ear after a day there. – Jason Haas
  3. Thunder Ridge, Shelf Road, Wall of the 90s, Turkey RockMike Anderson
  4. North Table Mountain – Lots of sun, lots of options and the approach (almost) never has snow on it. Plus lots of post-climbing beer options just down the hill. – Mark Anderson
  5. Rincon Wall – Eldo – Ryan Gajewski, Sales Coordinator
  6. Horestooth Reservoir for sunny bouldering, Lincoln Falls for all day ice laps and certain areas of Eldorado Canyon and Boulder Canyon for sunny trad and sport climbing. – Alton Richardson
  7. Really any south facing crag on the Front Range if temps aren’t too low & the sun is out. Upper Security in Boulder canyon, south facing clear creek crags, etc.