Ethan joining Team Trango brings the vision of our athlete team full circle. We focus on the character of the climber, their passion for the sport, and their desire to contribute to the community. Welcoming a climber of Ethan’s ability rounds out the statement we are making – we don’t think the grade you climb at dictates the quality of your experience, and we are a company that exists for every climber, including those who are pushing standards. Ethan has established many routes up to 5.14d, redpointed Realization (5.15a), sent Wheel of Life (V14), free climbed El Capitan, and placed extremely well in significant competitions. He is a core climber and he works hard – and that’s why we work so well together.

Ethan Pringle Photo Collage Blog

Photo Credit: John-Carl Vallejo (left), Matty Hong (right)

Here’s what Ethan has to say about his new role as a Trango and Tenaya ambassador:

“I am stoked to announce my new partnership with two companies that I really respect for their gear, ethos, and passion for rock climbing—Trango and Tenaya. Not only do these companies sell top-notch products, but they are run by some of the best folks in the industry. Trango is a climbing gear manufacturer that provides a wide variety of high-quality products and has really redefined themselves in the past few years – these guys are doing some really rad things! Tenaya is a Spanish climbing shoe company (that Trango distributes in the US) with cutting-edge designs in performance and comfort. They have helped world-class athletes (Ramon Julian and Alex Megos, to name a few!) set records in competitions and on rock, and I can’t wait to see what these shoes will help me achieve. Both Trango and Tenaya are constantly working on developing new products and I am honored to be a part of that process. The founders and employees of these companies are hard-core climbers themselves and it is their love for our sport that fuels their business. I am so excited to have the support of two companies that are as psyched on climbing as I am! Thanks Trango and Tenaya for welcoming me into the family!”