The thing that really strikes me about Joe’s Valley is how quiet it is.  There’s absolutely no background, ambient noise.  No airplanes, no highway traffic, no city sounds, no “mine” sounds.  Nothing.  Its so quiet, that the ringing in my ears is piercing sometimes!

Our second day of the trip was a good one.  We both seemed to hit our strike and fell into full on project mode.  Aaron made incredible progress on his project “Resident Evil” V10.  He should have sent that rig!

I made really good progress on my project here “Planet of the Apes” V7 which follows a brilliant set of compression moves up an overhanging face with a prominent rail for the right hand.  I managed to “stick” the last hold on the problem which is decent, but my feet cut.  I worked out and refined my beta on it and am hoping to send it soon.

Its starting to get warm here now though, which means we may have to abandon “New Joes” which blazes in the south-facing sun all day for the cooler “Right and Left” Forks which, because of the steep surrounding mountains get only limited direct sunlight.  The Left Fork gets the least amount of sun for those looking to plan around the warmer weather.

We tried another problem “I’d Rather Be Doing Her” V6 at the end of the day which felt completely impossible to all of us!

Aaron Parlier Resident Evil V10

Vera Warmbrunn The-Stand V7

Dan Brayack Sex Type Thing V4

Aaron Parlier Cherry Coke V2

Aaron Parlier I’d Rather Be Doing Her V6