Close-up view of Alex Johnson hanging on the Rock Prodigy Pivot hangboard

With three unique designs, the Rock Prodigy hangboard family can meet you where you are, and help you tick off your training goals. But – how do you decide which board is best for you? There’s more to it than beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These boards were designed with precision to offer a solution for every climber and skill level. An ergonomic two-piece construction allows you to adjust the width for your shoulder proportions, and a skin-friendly texture will keep your fingers ready for action.

Rock Prodigy Training Center

Rock Prodigy Training Center

A well-rounded board suitable for all skill levels

The original hangboard in the lineup, the Rock Prodigy Training Center offers the most holds and the broadest range of difficulty of all our boards. Are you just getting started with hangboard training? The Training Center is a great place to begin, offering a beginner-friendly layout with expansive options to suit the needs of climbers at any level.

Rock Prodigy Forge

Rock Prodigy Forge

Highly-refined grip options for focused training

Ready to dial in your training routine with more advanced grips? The Rock Prodigy Forge was optimized for high intensity finger training for advanced climbers. This board features steeper pinches and slopers, closed crimp holds, and a lower-profile footprint than the Rock Prodigy Training Center. The designers behind the Forge built on principles from the Rock Prodigy Training Center and combined the latest climbing research with cutting-edge engineering to bring you a highly-refined training tool. An ergonomic two-piece design and skin-friendly texture make the Forge a top choice for serious training.

Rock Prodigy Pivot

Rock Prodigy Pivot

Compact design with versatile holds and advanced grips

The Pivot combines the precise grips of the Forge with the versatility of the Training Center in a unique and low-profile design. The Pivot can be rotated into 5 orientations (without the need for tools) to allow for increased hold density and expanded training options. This is a great choice for climbers who want a low-profile board that can be easily adjusted, removed, and brought from location to location without sacrificing function.

Rock Prodigy Natural

The Natural evolution of Rock Prodigy training

Our newest addition to the Rock Prodigy family. This board combines the best elements of the Rock Prodigy system with Beech wood for less wear and tear on your fingers. With two variable depth rails and a range of crimps, pinches and pockets, the Natural is a well-rounded hangboard for climbers of any skill level. Depths are laser-engraved on the board for consistent training from session to session. The board comes with French cleat mounting system, which allows you to adjust the width of the setup for optimal shoulder alignment.

More ways to amplify your training experience

Rock Prodigy Training Manual

The definitive guide to the Rock Prodigy training method

Rock Climber's Training Manual cover

This comprehensive training guide from the Rock Prodigy designers will walk you through the world’s only peer-reviewed climbing training program. Designed to help you push past training plateaus, this program helps most climbers see an average improvement of 2-3 letter grades. The included training log helps you track your progress every step of the way. The authors went from 5.11 to 5.14 – so can you!

Rock Prodigy Pulley Kit

Maximize strength gain and reduce risk of injury

Rock Prodigy Pulley Kit

With the Rock Prodigy Pulley Kit, you can reduce resistance and weight on your grip. Using a pulley system allows you to train difficult and advanced grip positions without having to support your full body weight, reducing the risk of injury and allowing you to focus on proper form. The Rock Prodigy Training Manual includes guidance for incorporating this into your training routine.

Rock Prodigy Training App – Free!

With our free training app, you get access to pre-programmed workouts for each of the Rock Prodigy hangboards*. Choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced plans, or create your own with the Custom Workout builder.

Helpful, clear images guide you through each grip position and sequence. Every pre-programmed workout can be customized for sets, reps, and rest times.

The Training App is available for both Apple and Android, and is completely free. Scan the QR codes below to download the app today!

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QR Code to download the Rock Prodigy Training App for Android

*We are currently working on updates to include the Natural and add the option to save customized workouts.

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Screenshot of the Rock Prodigy Training App Pivot workout
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