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Trango Junior Harness – A Great Option for Kid Crushers!

Got a kiddo chomping at the bit to climb like Mommy and Daddy?  One of the first purchases you’ll need to make is a harness.  Once a child climbs higher than an adult can reach, a parent is forced to trust that child’s safety equipment over a set of protective, high-reaching arms!  Armed with that daunting thought, harness shopping can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for!  Hopefully this post will clear things up a bit… For the preschool and elementary-aged set, a full-body harness is the only way to go for safety reasons.  With shorter legs…Read the rest of this entry →
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Potty Time at the Crag…

…Not to be  confused with “party time,” although getting through it successfully might  very well warrant a celebration!  After packing in (and out!) hundreds and perhaps maybe even thousands of diapers over the past several years, hiking into the crag big boy (or girl) style is a milestone every crag-parent is psyched about.  We’ve actually just recently dove into the potty training arena ourselves, and have been pleasantly surprised to find the transition at the crag happening quicker than we’d expected.   As a little background, I’m a firm believer that kids will hit developmental milestones when (and ONLY when)…Read the rest of this entry →
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Tips for Camping with Toddlers

A couple of summers ago I wrote a post about camping with infants.  But now that I’m the proud mama to a stubborn passionate 3 year old, that old archived camping post is way outdated for our family.  Nowadays, nights in a tent look far different than they did back then!  In some ways, this makes things MUCH easier (ie, we all get more sleep!).  In other ways, some camping activities are a lot more stressful (ie campfires).  If your kiddo is one of the lucky ones that got exposed to camping early and often, transitioning to toddler camping is…Read the rest of this entry →
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Good Eats for Toddlers at the Crag

As my sweet little bundle of joy has moved from the realm of cragBABY to crag-KIDDO, we’ve outgrown many of the logistical issues we used to run into, and replaced them with others…that’s why I’ve been going back and revisiting my Creating a Cragbaby series posts from a couple of years ago and revamping them, toddler style!  So if your tyke is just starting to venture into the world of solid foods, you might find the younger version of this post to be more helpful.  But for those of you with active, chaotic toddlers with full sets of chompers, read…Read the rest of this entry →
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Strategies for Rainy Day Climbing (with a Toddler!)

In just a few short weeks it’ll be springtime again.  I can picture it now – buds will begin to sprout up in the garden, the birds start singling a little louder, and the days start getting a little longer.  Oh yeah and it rains.  All the time.  Actually that’s not true.  It doesn’t rain ALL the time.  The typical m.o. in the Southeast is for the skies to be bright and sunny all week, with clouds moving in on Friday afternoon, just in time to thoroughly soak your newest objective at the local crag.  But before you’re tempted to cancel that…Read the rest of this entry →
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Adventuring with Toddlers – In a Nutshell Why It’s Worth It

A lot of times I get asked what makes it worth it.  Why do I put forth so much effort to continue down such an adventurous path now that I’ m a mom?  Maybe because it seems so natural to me that I can’t imagine life any other way, but I sometimes have trouble finding the words to answer that question on the spot.  But as I look back and reflect on how much our family has been able to share together, I know that those memories speak louder than any words ever could…so here’s my attempt to (briefly) address…Read the rest of this entry →
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Keeping Your Toddler Warm on Winter Climbing Trips

Compared to other parts of the country, a winter day in North Carolina is generally rather mild, especially if the sun’s out.  But just because our highs are generally above freezing doesn’t mean your kiddo can hang out all day at the crag in a light jacket.  In fact, your toddler is actually much more likely to get cold at the crag than you are.  Think about it – You warm up pretty fast hiking in to the crag with a big pack, while the only effort your child is expending is craning around to make you lose your balance…Read the rest of this entry →
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Road-Trippin’ with a Toddler – 10 Tips for Keeping Your Sanity

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Unless you are lucky enough to have a world class climbing/hiking/camping destination in your backyard, odds are good that “getting there” (and back) will make up a significant portion of your itinerary.  This post is the toddler version of a post I wrote a year ago entitled “Making your Cragbaby a Good Car-baby.”  Back then Cragbaby was not quite 18 months…and now he’s a giant (comparatively) two and a half year old with bundles of energy oozing out of every part of him!  In some ways, car rides are easier now – he’s older and can entertain himself for longer.…Read the rest of this entry →
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Toddlers on the Trail – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

…And don’t forget a few steps off trail to go look at that mushroom under the log… In the past year we’ve gone from hiking with an enthusiastic little Cragbaby who loved to take in the world from the confines of his backpack car...
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Cragbaby Gets a Camera!

Ok ok I know everyone is probably tired of hearing about our family’s trip out west. But it didn’t seem fair to end the trip reports without mentioning Cragbaby’s newfound perspective – behind the lens of a camera.  Even though...