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How to be a Great Belayer

There’s a whole host of resources available online and in print aimed at how to successfully climb harder, stronger, higher.  However, there’s only a fraction of information available for another crucial, yet often overlooked skill that is vital to every good send: the art of belaying.  Sure, most climbers, even newbies, have a basic knowledge of how the belay system works, and understand how to use a belay device of their choosing.  They can most likely pass a belay test at their local gym and can handle the number one priority for a belayer – keep the climber off the ground.  That’s good. …Read the rest of this entry →
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I love climbing. Central Park this fallI enjoy moving in the mountains for hours at a time.  I love a good glass of wine and laughter filling the room.  I love falling in love, playing the piano, learning, teaching, and a full breathe filling...