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First Look: Vergo in Action

We gave the new Vergo belay device to two of the world's top climbers and filmed their day at Eldorado Canyon State Park. Here's what they had to say. For more information on the Vergo, visit www.TrangoVergo.com
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Ethan Pringle Sheds Blood And Sweat In Red Rocks

This spring, Ethan Pringle spent some time working the iconic boulders of Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. He came away with a send of 'Meadowlark Lemon' (V14) and several close calls on 'The Nest' (V15). Here's a quick edit of the Meadowlark Lemon…
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Send Footage: Ethan Pringle on La Reina Mora (14d)

After a month-long battle of hope, frustration, failure, emotion, and eventual success, Ethan Pringle sent the Spanish test-piece, La Reina Mora (14d).   "Well, I really couldn’t have imagined a better last day in Siurana. For…
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Ethan Pringle Sends ‘Jumbo Love’ 15b

Yesterday, Trango and Tenaya athlete Ethan Pringle made the second ascent of 'Jumbo Love' (5.15b), North America's hardest sport climb at Clark Mountain, California. Pringle has been working the route since the mid 2000's and has spent much…
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Ethan Pringle Sends Chris Sharma’s “Power Animal” (V13) in Bishop

  Some days just aren't your days, but some day are! Yesterday I was slipping off the upper crux of 'Power Animal' (V13) just like on my previous day of attempts, but on my third go of the day I decided to just try really really…
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Ethan Pringle Joins Team Trango

Ethan joining Team Trango brings the vision of our athlete team full circle. We focus on the character of the climber, their passion for the sport, and their desire to contribute to the community. Welcoming a climber of Ethan’s ability rounds…