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Nate Kenney: Winter Climbing Tips & Tricks

Selecting the right gear for winter alpine and mixed routes presents a challenge: many routes have the same technical protection challenges of their summer variants, with the added complexity of winter weather, carrying more layers, cold…
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Vietnam Dreaming – Skiy DeTray

By Trango Athlete Skiy DeTray Sitting here in these COVID-19 times its best we pursue domestic adventures, but its still fun to reminisce about the wonderful freedoms we had before the world locked its borders. Able to jump on a plane and…

A Day with Pamela Shanti Pack and Devin Fin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiyVynohIPM Where is your happy place? FrictionLabs Pro Pamela Shanti Pack and Athlete Devin Fin found theirs in the heart of the American desert, establishing first ascents amongst the towering sandstone cliffs…

A Day in Vedauwoo with Pamela Shanti Pack

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq2CMR5OTDI Ever wonder what it's like to climb with an offwidth legend? We spent a day romping around Vedauwoo's storied wide cracks and chatting with Pamela Shanti Pack.

Pamela Shanti-Pack on Hypercrack (5.11x)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmcmH0KuMMw Watch Pamela Shanti-Pack put the #5 Big Bro through the paces on Hypercrack (5.11x) and explain why Big Bros are such an essential piece of gear for offwidth climbing!

How to Become an Expert Climber in Five Simple Lessons

By Mark Anderson Lesson 1: Anyone Can Be An Expert in Anything* I recently finished reading Peak: Secrets From The New Science of Expertise, by renowned researcher Anders Ericsson (and Robert Pool). Those familiar with The Rock Climber’s Training Manual (RCTM) will recognize Ericsson’s name from our chapter on Skill Development. Ericsson is well-known as…

Swiss Sport Climbing Part 2: Off the Beaten Path

By Mark Anderson While I really enjoyed the world-class routes at Lehn and Gimmelwald, I place great value in going to new places. On these whirlwind trips to Europe I try to cover as much ground as possible, so I see virtue in going to a crag I haven’t seen before, even if my research…

Klettersteig on the Flank of the Eiger

By Mark Anderson “Klettersteig” is German for “Via Ferrata” (which is Italian for “Iron Way”).[LINK TO INTRO-STYLE VF Post]. Klettersteigs have existed in Switzerland for decades and they have some of the best in the world, including the best two I’ve ever done—the Eiger Rotstock and Murren via ferrats. The Eiger Rotstock route is not…

Swiss Sport Climbing Part 1: The Giants

Switzerland isn't particularly regarded as a sport climbing hotbed, but there are a few crags that are well-known on the world stage. We were able to visit two of the country's premier sport crags, both located in the Berner Oberland region around the outdoor adventure mecca of Interlaken-Lehn and Gimmelwald.