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Trango Vergo: Common Questions Answered

The Vergo belay device has officially launched! As we’ve shown it to dealers and users for many months, we’ve learned what many of the most common questions are, and we’ll answer some of them below. Here are some quick specs to…
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First Look: Vergo in Action

We gave the new Vergo belay device to two of the world's top climbers and filmed their day at Eldorado Canyon State Park. Here's what they had to say. For more information on the Vergo, visit www.TrangoVergo.com
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Safety, Meet Ergonomics

Safety, Meet Ergonomics. What if the best way to use a belay device was also the safest? That is the question that we asked ourselves as we began designing the new Vergo Belay Device, coming September 2016. For more information or to sign…
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The Best of the Best from Trango (and GIVEAWAY!)

This week marks one year that I’ve been signed on as an athlete for Trango Extraordinary Climbing Gear, and I must say it’s been a delightful ride!  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to represent Trango and their affiliates (such as Stonewear Designs and Tenaya) at numerous festivals and demos, provide feedback on products still in the testing phase, as well as meet some really great people.  Oh yeah, and I also got loads of free gear along the way too!  And though I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of the gear I’ve received from Trango, a few products in particular have found their way into…Read the rest of this entry →
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How to be a Great Belayer

There’s a whole host of resources available online and in print aimed at how to successfully climb harder, stronger, higher.  However, there’s only a fraction of information available for another crucial, yet often overlooked skill that is vital to every good send: the art of belaying.  Sure, most climbers, even newbies, have a basic knowledge of how the belay system works, and understand how to use a belay device of their choosing.  They can most likely pass a belay test at their local gym and can handle the number one priority for a belayer – keep the climber off the ground.  That’s good. …Read the rest of this entry →