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Driving through Denver on the way to “Ten Sleep” in Wyoming, I stopped by to visit the folks at Trango and was introduced to the new shoe line which they are distributing “Tenaya” which is being brought over from Spain.  Let me tell you.  These shoes are AWESOME!  I’ve climbed three days at Ten Sleep and I’ve […]

Getting Ready to Go on a Big Trip!!

This Thursday, a group of us is leaving for a 2 week climbing trip to Ten Sleep Canyon!  Yay climbing trip!!  I have never been here, but I remember hearing about “Ten Sleep” ten years ago.  Slowly, I continued to hear more and more until I read a report by Mike Williams on his climbing […]

Stung in the FACE!!!

Its been a while since I’ve been stung.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, when I was a little kid, I’d find ground bee nests and fill them up with dirt for as long as I could until I got stung so many times, that I had to stop.  I think, even at that age, […]

sEndless Wall…

I only got out one day this weekend and it was yesterday (Sunday) at Endless Wall for me.  I met my buddy Neal and his GF Andrea and we started at Fern Point.  Its funny – how, when starting at Fern Point, you tend not to leave it…Well, that was the case for us.  I […]

Malcolm Daly on NPR

Our very own Malcolm Daly recently sat down with NPR radio and discussed this year’s Adventure Film Festival, currently running in Boulder.  To read more and listen to the interview, click on the link below… http://www.cpr.org/article/Risky_Business


Ty Foose featured in Urban Climber

Cool article about Ty Foose in the latest Urban Climber magazine.  Ty was a driving force behind the creation of e-grips. Check out e-grips.com to read more about Ty’s pioneering efforts in the world of climbing holds! http://www.e-grips.com/history.html