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Climbing back from Cancer

June 2017 I slowly awake out of a deep anesthesia-induced slumber. I have a massive tube shoved down my throat emptying my stomach contents. My mom is there. “What happened?” I ask her. I’m still hopeful that when they did the exploratory surgery that they wouldn’t find anything. “They found a tumor on your appendix. […]

10 Alpine Climbing Tips

Are you dreaming of high alpine peaks? Beautiful sublime faces of rock and ice? Surreal corniced ridges and crimson sunsets? Alpine climbing is one of the most committing and unforgiving forms of climbing, but with a little practice and solid game plan it can be safe and extremely rewarding! Here are a few tips that […]

The Big Year Part 3: Upping the Ante

Two in the afternoon, and I’m shaking uncontrollably.  One second I’m freezing, the next I’m burning up.  It hurts to move, to breathe, to blink my eyes!  I reach for the phone, and call for life support.  Uncle Stu, in his warm apartment in Bishop picks up the phone. “Stu,” I meekly say, “The flu […]

The Big Year – Part 2: Forging a Partnership

With my sights set on a new alpine route in Alaska in the spring, I needed a partner I could trust and could also commit to the time off.  I scrolled through my black book and landed on Canadian crusher Alik Berg.  Thing was: we had never climbed together.  He recommended we do a trial […]

The Big Year – Part 1 (casting off)

What would you do with a full year off of work? A few years back a friend of mine proposed that question.  Hmmm.  Like school kids we sat around and day dreamed.  Patagonia, Pakistan, Nepal, Italy, Spain…. the list went on.  About a year after this conversation, I decided to start saving my money and […]

Trango Welcomes Skiy Detray to Team Trango

Trango is thrilled to announce the addition of Skiy DeTray to Team Trango. DeTray, a native of Bishop, CA, is a prolific climber and mountaineer with over 20 years of climbing experience. In addition to his extensive climbing resume, Skiy continues to be a contributing and influential member of the climbing community through education, rescues, […]