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Thank You

 A thank you to Climbing Magazine for covering our trip to Greenland.  How cool is that?http://www.climbing.com/news/team-glitterbomb-finds-gold-and-sorrow-in-greenland/A big THANK YOU for all who helped make the Greenland Trip possible in th…


Base Camp.  Barnes wall right of sunlight.Greenland was a bittersweet adventure!  I have been home for 8 days.  As I write, I realize that reflection occurs only now, simultaneous with the blinking of my eyes.  Nestled in our craggy…


A teaser for the moment.   We climbed.  We conquered.  Three new routes in the first 6 days of arriving to Greenland and the Torsukattak Fjord.Just returning to the U.S, albeit a bit earlier than expecting.  A proper update will be …

This is not my beautiful life…or is it!!!

My good friend Dustin!!In-between the untimely departure from Yosemite and the ridiculous journey we just embarked on — Greenland — time made itself available at home here in Colorado.Recently completed rock climbs. Psychatomic, Monastery, Est…

On Equilibrium!

DNB.  Sun is in your eyes as per guidebook warning
 (one among many warnings)

While I didn’t achieve all my climbing goals on this two month endeavor over western lands, I did have a ridiculously good time.  The valley still stands!     

I attempted and successfully climbed many big walls, some even a few times over.  In a two week span I climbed Half Dome, Middle Cathedral, El Capitan, Spaceshot, Touchstone Wall, Moonlight Buttress, Shunes Buttress, and a few other pitches at smaller crags.  I am uncertain if another female has done a link-up of 3 big walls in Zion? 

Overall, my time was filled with amazing people from all walks of life.  I learned how to juggle (well at least the motions of juggling), I exponentially increased my slack-lining skills, I taught a few yoga sessions, and I got my ass handed to me in cribbage–kind of a bid deal–skunked two times in a row!!  

People and travel are a continuous reminder of how simple life can be (yet how unnecessarily complex we sometimes make it).  
The smiles and memories in the mere simplicity of a kind gesture, a smile shared between one another–even, say, an unplanned shiver bivy on the Direct North Buttress of Middle Cathedral.  

Chris B. and I making light of the lack of light!     

Simplicity really counts in those moments!  What more do you need when you have a climbing rope as your mattress, climbing shoes and harnesses for a pillow, and a bullet pack for a blanket?  Oh, lets not forget a climbing partner who entertains with ridiculous stories to distract you from the full body quiver compounded by inadequate clothing and a persistent wind. 

Pondering the certainty of uncertainty after an unplanned bivy.  

Yes, we were finally “those” headlamps atop Middle Cathedral wandering around looking for the Kat Walk in our narrow beam of light.  We crawled through fire ant infested trees and stomped over the largest black millipedes you have ever seen!!  An awesome time, I would certainly climb the route again!  

On the mornings before climbing these big walls or the unplanned bivies, I found myself elbow deep in few good books.  
As you can imagine, my attention span for books is like my attention span for other things in my life….generally not a laser beam of focus. 

One of the notable reads I was passed was On Equilibrium.  “It is an intelligent, persuasive and controversial exploration of the essential qualities of humanity and how they can be used to achieve equilibrium for the self and to foster an ethical society.”  

A morning ritual of bits and pieces read aloud over breakfast tea made this book more accessible.  The morning excerpts mingled into my daily Yosemite Valley adventures.  Trying to find something certain in my endeavors as an athlete, a woman, a romantic,  a fear-filled lost soul.  

Imagining the ultimate sweet spot—-feeding my passion for rock climbing while successfully striving for a more benevolent lifestyle.   

“Imagination isn’t really a means of distraction. Nor is it an unquantifiable wild card which needs to be saved from itself by responsible organizers. This is the quality which most naturally draws all of our other qualities together. But it does so in a…prolonged swirling uncertainty. It is that uncertainty which makes progress possible. Imagination protects us from the temptation of premature conclusions…. What’s more, it seems to draw us forward by using this prolonged uncertainty to alternately leap ahead and then enfold our other qualities – our other means of perception – into a new, inclusive vision of the whole. Then, just as we think we understand, it leaps ahead again into more uncertainty.” (Saul, pp.115-29)


A few high quality Grades.

My climbing partner for the last 2 weeks, Buster Jesik, put together this time break down of our recent adventure in Zion.  We linked Spaceshot, Touchstone and Moonlight.   A little video of our adventure also by Buster….http://vimeo.com/73…


What is it about climbing (or swimming, running, biking, playing outside) as much as I can all day every day? 
Rest days are so few and far between.  My biceps ache, my shoulders hunch slightly every morning and my hands tingle when I sleep.  

I struggle to open a beer can!! 
Leading the Traverse Pitch on Moonlight
I was inspired by a friend, Dave, back in Estes Park, to attempt some link-ups in Zion.  Male climbers have been doing some rad link-ups in the park since the early 90’s (as far as my research has taken me).  
Recently, some free climbing hard asses have been getting after it.  Tommy and Alex free climbed Touchstone, Moonlight, Sheer Lunacy, and Spaceshot in ~ 16 hours!!!!  Unfortunately, I am a normal human with a fitness level that is not there…yet…maybe one day.  I would like to mess around on Touchstone and Spaceshot’s 5.13 pitches, and I have recently had a free climbing mission on Moonlight that went surprisingly well.  


Adam Baxter and I sweating it out. 

Before arriving in Zion, I had another great weekend in Indian Creek.  I climbed both Saturday and Sunday at the Fin and Broken Tooth, respectively.  Saturday climbs include The Last Day, Double Trouble, and Court Summons.  One of the KMAC family boys, Adam Baxter met me there, along with old aquaintences and new friends.  Sunday, Adam and I ran a warm 17 miles in Canyonlands, a loopity loop lollypop around the Confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers.  Apres, I headed up to the Broken Tooth for 4 quick laps on the amazing splitters.  

Sunday evening the crew headed back to Durango.  Monday, I regrouped, rested a little and then got a great tour of the local bouldering scene.  Pretty stellar bouldering in Durango.  
Tuesday I was off!!  A sandstormy drive from Durango to Zion culminated with a gorgeous foggy tunnel exit.  Zion’s upper peaks were blanketed in snow.  Wednesday was our first day of climbing and the gaggle of us decided sport wanking in St. George was the best option for the moist cold day.
Shunes Buttress

Thursday, Baster and I sussed out some pitches and descents for our Friday link-up of Spaceshot and Moonlight.    It was a busy day on the walls.  We climbed Spaceshot first, did the usual rappels and then scurried over to Touchstone.  A procession of parties were on the route.  We quickly did a 180 and headed over to Moonlight Buttress instead…almost equally as crowded but easier stances to pass.  

A few days ago some friends, Mary and Chris, and I headed up for a free-climb jaunt on Moonlight.  It went pretty well over all for all.  A few falls for me but not more than a handful.  I will return!!
Baxter left and Buster arrived.  Buster (another Kmac’er) and I sussed out the first 4 pitches on Touchstone.  Then we ran over to Spaceshot, we soloed up the  first 3 pitches to have a better look.  Two days ago, Buster and I returned to Moonlight to give it a full lap.  Chris and Mary also returned on their quest to free climb, both getting really really close!  

Buster and I finished the route in 4:07…Buster’s first time!  Yesterday was a full attempt at Touchstone, we completed it in 3:21!  Super stoked!


Tips to Hips

LobotomyOn the road. One new adorable nephew, Henry.  Congrats to my brother and sister-in-law.  One lost wallet scare…luckily just called the restaurant in Sedona where I left it.   One snowy bivy near Flagstaff and Ton…


I have been joking with friends that this year will be a good running year!  Last year was awesome, many 5k’s and a relay marathon!  I just want to get back to my roots….running and soloing….and I hope to find the time to do so!  Fir…