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Setter Spotlight: Movement Gyms – DMV

Earlier in the year we sent the head routesetters of Movement's five gyms throughout the DC area their choice of Trango holds, and paid them a visit to watch the routesetting in action. See their work and read about their approach to setting in this blog post.
Climbers sitting around a campfire
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El Alma Del Salto (Part II)

During my trip in January 2022, some climbers and I were talking to Ramon and asked if he would host a dinner so we could learn a more complete composition of the origins of El Salto.

Meet Scott Ossim, Trango’s Newest Hold Shaper

Feel the Flower 🌸- Behind the Shapes Trango's newest shaper, Scott Ossim, draws inspiration for his new Flower line from years of experience in the climbing industry, working with gyms around the world and helping them…

Homewall Series 02: Roy’s Tips for your Best Homewall

Are you ready to get started with your own homewall? In this video Roy Quanstrom, route setter and hold shaper, explains how to get started with your home climbing wall, from choosing your holds to setting your wall. Roy breaks down how…

Homewall Series 01

How to choose holds, determine wall angles, and start setting. When it comes to creating the “perfect” home wall, it’s easy to wax poetic about all the nuances of sizes and angles, hold types and densities, and ways to set. For the…

Hueco – Shaped by Nature

From Myorcan, to SoCo and Mammoth Rub, the majority of our most recent shapes have been inspired by the textures we find in nature. Whether through climbing or just passing by, these textures continue to inspire Master Shaper Ty Foose in new…

The Rise of Khan

The Khans, in reference to the character in the Jungle Book, Shere Khan.  There are many reasons this hold line is called what it is. Back in 2018 I took my first trip to Switzerland and I was fortunate enough to climb one of the best boulder…

Stealth – The Story Behind the Shapes

Think ‘2-tex’ meets ‘talons’ meets ‘kaiju’ meets some other genre of climbing hold that is SO COOL there isn’t even a name for it yet.  Or maybe its name is STEALTH. Within the Stealth line you will find geometric volume-like…
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eGrips Unifies Under the Trango Brand

The story of Trango’s hold program begins in 1996, in a windowless warehouse in North Boulder. After experiences with disappointing, fragile, and slick polyethylene climbing holds, eGrips looked to a revolutionary new material derived from…