“Um, Sam. I got bad news…” I sheepishly told my climbing buddy that I had to bail on a four-day mission to climb in the Adirondacks. I don’t know about Sam, but for me it was worth it. I had a wonderful time visiting my Brother in Washington DC. Not rock climbing, but I did take some photos:


I used to hate cities. I used to think natural venues were way more interesting. But, it may be cliche to say, I really find cities to be a type of wilderness. I love finding ways to order chaotic arrangements, so cities do, in a way, provide an endless source of fascination to me.

Hail to Chief

My brother was a great host, he knows all the rabbit holes in the city and we walked around forever. Walking around a city felt harder than five pitches of 5.12, but I pulled through. Thank God!

My brother beating feet.

Here are some photos from around the city. Enjoy!

Bouldering Albert Eintstein
Heaven 1
Heaven 2


More images: