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This is really a good trip for me!

I had such a good day of climbing, especially for day 3 in a row (I think?)  We are definitely taking a rest day tomorrow after today, my shoulders are KILLING me.  Its pretty awesome though.

Yesterday I climbed “Kelly’s Arete” and today, I did a warm-up burn up it for some photos.

Kelly’s Arete V5.

Today, my goal was to try “Low Tide” V6which I watched my Canadian friends try while I was fishing yesterday.  The problem climbs and follows slopers up this awesome gritty arete.

I was really psyched to find myself on top of the boulder after many, many goes!  The problem starts with a high heel hook.  If you chuffer off getting your high heel hook on, you totally could roll and end up IN THE RIVER!  You pick up on a good sidepull and stick the first sloper, which, with the starting feet is awesome!  You slam a right heel hook into a vertical crack that just EATS feet, then stick another good friction sloper.  The next two mores are the crux.  With your right heel burried, you need to cross over and slap a decent but awkward to hold sloper and POWER out right to this decent edge on the face below the lip.  From there, its just decent holds with heel hooks, but if your endurance is not up to snuff and you’re not good at heel hooking you could totally blow it!

After Low Tide, I tried “Big Cheesy” V5 and totally got my butt kicked.  This problem really hit me hard on my tired shoulders.  Two big under cling moves to a decent edge, then an easy stick (for tall folks like me) to a jug.  For the life of me, I could not freaking stick the crimper, though I really want to get back on this problem after my rest day and fresh!  I watched Vikki (in the photo), Aaron and Vera all crush it.

Check out Vikki and Spencer’s Blog (and you may see some video from today in a week or two)

Andrea Smith – Low Tide V6.

Andrea Smith – Low Tide V6.

Low Tide – V6

Low Tide – V6

Low Tide – V6

Vikki Glinskii – Big Cheesy V5.

Vikki Glinskii – Big Cheesy V5.
Vikki Glinskii – Big Cheesy V5.

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