I only got out one day this weekend and it was yesterday (Sunday) at Endless Wall for me.  I met my buddy Neal and his GF Andrea and we started at Fern Point.  Its funny – how, when starting at Fern Point, you tend not to leave it…Well, that was the case for us.  I had a long-standing project – “New Age Equippers” which has historically and is presently rated 5.11c, though I’d like to point out that in Brian McCray’s guidebook that was out a dozen years ago, he gave it the upgrade to 5.12a.  Mind you, this was around the time that he sent “Proper Soul.”

What a freaking Sandbag!  I rappelled off the top and brushed all the holds.  This is required for these low-traffic endless wall routes.  I hung the draws and worked out all the sequences.  Its funny, to use siege tactics like this on 5.11, but I wasn’t taking any chances on this one!  The last time I was on the route was maybe ?5 years ago; I totally got my butt kicked on the route and decided that I would never get on it again.  Well…I think that’s what I said 2 years prior to that attempt as well.  Well, Sunday I sent it, but by the skin of my teeth.  I swear, that thing is 5.12a all day long..and maybe harder!

Now that I have it ticked in my book, I think that I really am not ever going to climb it again…

I was looking through the new book and was suprised to find the low star rating for some of my favorite endless wall slab routes include “Is It Safe?”,  and the Exquetion which are both 3 or 4 start routes in my opinion.  Oh well….

I managed to get stung in the face!! I was cleaning “Dangerous Liaisons” fo Neal; I was at the top of the cliff getting ready to Rappel off (It was raining) when I got nailed!!!  A whole nest of yellow jackets lit me up.  I was lucky – only two stings to the face and one to the leg.  Thankfully I wasn’t tied in yet or anything so I just ran for it.  So I would strongly suggest that no one try to rap off the top of that route this season!

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