Trango has always been a company that brings out innovative climbing equipment.  Their best example in my opinion is the Squid, an “outside the box” stick clipping device which I LOVE.  The Cinch is another example of an “outside the box” belay device.  Being an avid boulderer, I’ve been taping tooth brushes to sticks for years, though when Trango introduced the “Beta Stick” I knew that once again, Trango had filled a need for me.  I think every gym needs at least one of these and any serious boulderer definitely needs to get one of these!

Though the Beta Stick is both a stick-clip and brush device, I prefer the Squid for clipping, though the Beta Stick is an incredible extendable brush.  The Beta Stick comes with the standard machine-gun brush that most boulderers use, however, I have modified a boar’s hair brush for mine so I can switch between the two.

I used a little bit of tape on the tip of mine to stiffen it up a bit (I am a really vigorous brusher!)

The extended brush is great for working new problems.  With the brush, you can “feel” how good an unreachable edge or pocket is, also, its really good for cleaning nasty and otherwise unreachable holds.

At the gym, the Beta Stick is convenient; instead of bouldering up another problem to brush a hold, you can brush it from the ground!

I love mine!

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