Splitter hand crack—for 15 feet only!

Man.  I wrote a little diddy on the plane ride home and somehow managed to delete it.  Ops.

I will update quick…..
I have been back to Colorado for 120 hours
Of those hours I have
Worked 53
Slept 37
Run 3
Swam 1
Climbed 5
Yoga 4
That leaves 17 hours of unaccounted for time.  WTF I have been doing with myself??????

My home for 18 days


One month off and I come back to a ton of work.  Two restaurants, guiding trips for Kent Mountain Adventure Center, finding time to volunteer for Paradox Sports, and planning and promoting Dovetail retreats!  A little hectic, but also wonderful as I will be off climbing both April and May.  This also means the “Corpse Pose” time of my life is over.  Training time begins!
Yesterday I climbed at Movement and discovered my endurance is, well, um, what is endurance again?

I excited for my upcoming adventures this spring and summer!  I am super  inspired by my fellow Trango Athletes latest adventure, Amy and Myles, http://roamingbanditos.blogspot.com/2013/01/plate-tectonics-vi-512-c1-east-face-of.html!  So rad!!
Can’t wait to train, climb outside, teach some yoga, visit the desert, the big ditch and Greenland!!!

More on my adventures and training soon……