Red Rocks Rendevous

Trango - Red Rocks Rendevous

Trango - Red Rocks Rendevous

Well folks it’s been a week since we braved the Nevada winds, sun , rain, sand and… did you see snow? I am pretty sure I did. Though I was told all of this was typical for the Red Rocks Rendezvous, I wouldn’t know, this was my first one. Normally the Trango team keeps me safe and away from others in the warehouse, where I perform the absolutely necessary (and daunting) task of getting things in and out the door, as this is my job as the Logistics Coordinator. This year however, we thought we’d take a chance and allow myself some time in the great outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of shipping and receiving and instead allow me some time to meet our fans and our customers– to meet the folks who up until now were just names on a UPS shipping screen. Plus, I had never even been to Las Vegas; What’s that you say? Trango will pay for me to go to Las Vegas–Count me in!

OK, so I will have to admit, I’m a bit of “noob” climber, and I had no idea that such a beautiful place existed right outside of the City of Sin. Living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado has allowed me to get in some really great climbing with out having to travel very far. So when my girlfriend and I arrived, rented the car and started driving west on hwy 215 towards Red Rocks, I was excited to see that there was more to Vegas than Seline Dion and Hollywood Hangover’s.

Spring Mountain Ranch was the location for the event, a pristine state park in the middle of the desert with brilliant sandstone walls keeping watch over the rolling hills of Juniper Valley. In the middle of the park was center stage for the event and a few hundred yards away was the on- site camping for sponsors and event participants. Trango was among about 20 other climbing and outdoor industry sponsors who had set up booths to show off their gear and answer any questions, as well as entice participants to go and purchase our products from the Mountain Gear store , Mountain Gear being the event organizer we were more than happy to do so.

Having spent most of my time in the Trango warehouse, shipping products out to people, it was really great to actually see folks come to the booth and be really excited about our truly innovative and unique products. Almost every person who came to the booth wanted to play with the Big Bros (“whoa…that’s a big crack” was heard more than once”), try out our auto-assist belay device the Cinch (“ this is so much smaller, lighter and has a smoother feed than the [insert competitors product here]..” was often the response) and were amazed at the feather light Superfly Carabiners (“oh man…these come in lockers now…sweeet!”). Also people loved our climbing knife selection especially the lightweight and cleverly designed Piranha Knife (“wait… it has a screwdriver AND a bottle opener…?”). I learned a lot about our customers and received a lot of positive feedback. For me, it was great to do an event like this simply to see that people are really stoked about our products and that there is more to climbing than whose puffy jacket is puffier; who has lived out of their car the longest and who has the nicest rack ( get it…rack)…Its more than all that…it’s about community.

Though the winds were against us, this years Red Rocks Rendezvous was a huge success, though next year I’ll schedule some time to actually climb and work on keeping the EZ- Up on the ground. Being given a chance to go out there and represent Trango; a company that people whole-heartedly love and has such a strong tradition rooted in the climbing community was an honor. I look forward to seeing you all next year. A big shout out to Paul Fish, President and founder of Mountain Gear for giving all of us– “Old timers” to “Noobs”– a chance to come together and experience what it really means to be a climber.

-Jared Clark

Team Trango Logistics Coordinator

Trango _ Cold morning in Red Rocks

Cold morning in Red Rocks

Bouldering Championships happening Feb 12th!

The ABS National Championships are set to happen here in Boulder, Colorado February 12th.  eGrips is a proud sponsor of this event and we are super excited that it is unfolding in our hometown.  We toured the venue last night and it was awesome to see the walls being built, the intense focus of the routesetters in action…and thousands of holds!

To learn more you can log on to

Here’s a cool video tralier  from ABS…enjoy…

ABS 12 National Championships: Official Trailer from NE2C on Vimeo.

L.R.C aka Stone Fort

We headed down to Chattanooga this weekend, for a PERRRFECT bouldering weekend!!

Both days, we spent at LRC, though the first day for me was the only productive day of bouldering for me – I did manage to beat the snot out of myself however. The dieting and running have paid off for me – with some good beta, I managed to send “The Wave” (V6) – and when I did it, it actually felt quite easy. I almost blew the top-out, but groveled my way through it.

I did a handful of other problems, mostly repeats, including Mystery Groove (which felt easier than ever), Tri-star and Dragon Lady (all three V4.) I repeated “The Big Much” (V4) which is more like a V2 or V3. Also, I managed to send a project of mine from the last trip – Mother Thrutch (V4), and almost did the Sit-start at V5 – I’m going to try to send this next trip.

I managed to second try the V6 finish to Super Mario, but could not do the V4 crux…this will be a project that I’d like to try fresh next trip – I think that I can do it – assuming that I CAN do the V4 section!! (The extension is about V2 or V3 with the pump from the normal start… – sort of like a route which is a strength for me.)

I put several burn in on “A Face in the Crowd” (V7) which didn’t go as well for me, though I may consider projecting that one as well.

Climb Gym

Since there was snow on the ground in the deep south, I headed North for a 3 day gym trip including Pittsburgh (Climb North) and Columbus (both gyms there.)

Ohio Gyms…

Last weekend, there being snow at rocktown, I decided to drive up to Cleveland to hit the rock gym there. Its about the 2nd or 3rd closes gym to me here in WV – though we’re getting a gym here in Charleston VERY soon!!!

When I was in High School – probably the mid to late 90s, I did one trip to the Cleveland Rock Gym (CRG) – it was a cool gym, good training walls for bouldering, LOADS of top rope climbing (that doesn’t interest me in the least.)

It was pretty much the same rad gym as I remembered it! The place was big enough that all the screaming kids didn’t really make a difference (they were mostly in the top roping range while a few brave kids came to play on the big kids wall and were pretty cool.) The problems were quite good, powerful, but varied. Open jigs was nice, which allowed for different styles/approaches to problems (I could just beast my way through some of them mrow!) – They run a good show there. The only weird thing is that they require one to belay with an ATC (after paying my $2, I passed an ATC – using one for the first time..since well…the mid 90s!) All and all, its a very worth gym which I think, was worth the four hour drive for me (assuming that rocktown and HP40 were under snow.)
Sunday, we did Kinetic Gym in Columbus. Kinetic is much smaller, but has that “hometown” feeling. At Kinetic, you’re climbing WITH everyone, instead of around them. It has a nice community feel to it. The walls at Kinetic are STEEEEEEP! And what Kinetic really has going for it is all the awesome jugs and holds that are NEW and/or well maintained. Problems are thought out, but powerful (which lends itself to my style of climbing.) The “Mothership”, their (in my opinion) premier wall is ?72 degrees, which is about the same as the madness cave at the red (?I think?). Totally an excellent gym!
Note this photo was from a trip about a ?month ago, not this weekend.

Daily Life, Running, Eating

My Aunt and Uncle got me a George Foreman grill for christmas, so I’ve been using it every day for lunch, which is a chicken breast (comes frozen) – they’re actually quite good, filling and very healthy! I was surprised at how easy it was for me to eat better and healthier with just a single meal (I don’t get hungry etc afterwards.)

I started at target of 2200 cal a month, then dropped it to 1800, then to 1400. As I slowly tapered it, I was hoping to hit my “break point” and think that I hit it at 1200 calories on my attempted 10k run yesterday. I just crashed big time at the 8k mark. I knew it was coming ,so I looped back after 4k so I could make it to my car without walking.
I DID run a half marathon last Thursday. I saw on Wiki that people tend to train for 3 months for that. Well….I sorta off the couched it. Ran a three days doing progressive runs (and some multi-run days) – then just did it! I’m hoping to work my way up to a Marathon, maybe in march…we’ll see…

Been a while…

Its been a while since Ive been blogging. I don’t know why – maybe I’m just lazy or maybe I’m so burried in my training and work? No its probably that I just fear that I’ve fallen into another of life’s “traps” – you know the whole steady job, working thing? Its really a great deal I have with my job though – working 4 – 10 hour days which gives me a 3 day weekend every weekend!

I’ve been running my butt off the past couple of weeks and also, have been food planning/keeping track of all my food. My problem has always been my weight. I’ve NEVER been skinny in my life, but, being able to scrap my way up easy to mid 5.12 has always been “good enough” for me. Well…I think that’s not good enough for me any more. Mainly, because I’m running out of routes (good ones) at the easy 5.12 range to do, but more so since I’m getting older here (I’m turning 29 this year.) – I figured I may as well beat the snot out of myself, lose some weight and be a better climber.
I think that, from all the years of being heavy (though muscular) – I probably have pretty strong tendons. If I can go to be a “skinny” guy – I bet that I can crush some small holds! I know that I will likely lose enduro, which has always been my biggest strength…we’ll see.
I HAVE NOT been weighing myself, because I don’t want to know – honestly, but I have definitely been noticing some serious gains (well loses) looking in the mirror. Like OH WOW I’m getting skinny! My love handles are going the way of the beaver.
I’ve been traveling a good bit, though unfortunately, to climbing gyms since the weather has been pretty bad this season – even in Chatt, though I’ve made several Rocktown trips, a LRC trip, a day of climbing at the Obed….
I’ll post my run and diet logs. I’ve been using THIS program – which is quite excellent for tracking one’s caloric intake.
its free.

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