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  • Off to the land of Cows, Cows and Sheep!!! (Ten Sleep Canyon)

Off to the land of Cows, Cows and Sheep!!! (Ten Sleep Canyon)

It hasn’t really hit me yet, but I’m leaving tonight after work for a week trip to Ten Sleep Canyon in Wyoming!!

I liked it soooo much that I managed to put together another week vacation out there!  Its about 26 hours of actual driving which is about 30 hours in the car based on passed experiences.  Its a new drive for me though.  The last time I went out (a month ago), I had to stop in Denver both ways, so we drove the Kansas RT 70 route.

This time, we’re driving the best route according to Google Earth which takes me through TWO NEW STATES FOR ME!!  Minnesota and North Dakota!

Summer has been going well for me, as stated in a couple blogs ago.  I’ve been losing weight, more due to healthier eating, though I have been climbing.

My last trip to Ten Sleep focused on onsighting or second-going routes….to get a good feel for the area and at that, I was successful.  I am not sure, this trip, if I want to project some harder stuff or continue to sample the easy 5.12s…..I will be trying to blog daily on the trip.

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