La casa en la playa

After hours of flight and transfers to other planes, bus to bus and dragging some giant bags around we are finally in Uruguay.  The owner of the Hostel failed to return our phone calls upon arrival so we did what any sane person would do… We found a bar!  While sitting there enjoying our drinks a gentlemen approached us and offered a deal…
He said “Tengo un casa en la playa para acquired”  
Un casa en la playa? Si?
So we looked it over-
Stove works, shower runs, sink drains, five beds for 4, equipped with dishes, neighbor lighting fire crackers at all hours, feral cats and dogs roaming the roads, fridge works- makes a weird noise though, a little dusty, a little musty… a little air fresher will clean that up… Gotta buy some Raid. Ocean sounds all day through the windows, Uruguayan hippies with dreadlocks surfin’ the sea, fresh fish,  bathroom sink wont stop running, grass in the sand, ocean water on the grass… Rock climbing 50yards from our porch, water landing, billions of seashells to choose from, thunderous booms of lighting at 3:00am, wild winds, pounding rain, flooding kitchen while making eggs, more rain, the sun breaks, mild sunburn, shirtless weather, can’t believe there are hippies here.
So here I sit on our porch at “Punta del Diablo”, a small town with small houses and friendly locals. The beer you buy by the liter, the food is greasy, trinkets and bamboo wind -chimes line the docks. Necklaces with shells and fish spines hang on display, local wood is cut and plained for construction of beach homes, thatched roofs, no ATM’s, dogs will greet you… Shoo them away, cats will follow you… Don’t be afraid to bark at them. Food is cheap, the weather is great, life is much slower, don’t get hit by the mopeds, enjoy the smells of the ocean and food, eat before the shops go for siesta, buy the beers in large  quantities…. Because it won’t last, sit on the beach, climb some rocks, sun bathe,  make friends, don’t pet the dogs, and enjoy life at Punta Del Diablo!
As the locals say…..  CHOW!