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L.R.C aka Stone Fort

We headed down to Chattanooga this weekend, for a PERRRFECT bouldering weekend!!

Both days, we spent at LRC, though the first day for me was the only productive day of bouldering for me – I did manage to beat the snot out of myself however. The dieting and running have paid off for me – with some good beta, I managed to send “The Wave” (V6) – and when I did it, it actually felt quite easy. I almost blew the top-out, but groveled my way through it.

I did a handful of other problems, mostly repeats, including Mystery Groove (which felt easier than ever), Tri-star and Dragon Lady (all three V4.) I repeated “The Big Much” (V4) which is more like a V2 or V3. Also, I managed to send a project of mine from the last trip – Mother Thrutch (V4), and almost did the Sit-start at V5 – I’m going to try to send this next trip.

I managed to second try the V6 finish to Super Mario, but could not do the V4 crux…this will be a project that I’d like to try fresh next trip – I think that I can do it – assuming that I CAN do the V4 section!! (The extension is about V2 or V3 with the pump from the normal start… – sort of like a route which is a strength for me.)

I put several burn in on “A Face in the Crowd” (V7) which didn’t go as well for me, though I may consider projecting that one as well.

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