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Front Range Friday: Classic Test Pieces

Welcome to the Front Range Fridays finale

Best Test Test Pieces in the Front Range

  1. TGV and Vogue at Industrial Wall. Industrial Wall itself feels like a frickin’ test piece. For “easier” test pieces, I am partial to Buddha Belly at Eagle Rock, Elephant in the Room at Blob Rock, basically anything on Dinosaur Mountain or Seal Rock in the Flatirons. And the best of all – Question Your Progression in the Platte. – Jason Haas
  2. The Example, 13a/b Shelf Rd. This thing is so good. I think it’s my favorite sport route in Colorado,  I’ve surely climbed it more than any other.  A favorite training day out for me is to do the “Gym Triple Crown:” The Example, Deeper Shade of Soul (13b), and My Generation (13a) in a day. If you’re tired yet, you can tack on Head Cheese (12d) for a cool down. – Mike Anderson
  3. Third Millennium — World class rock in a world class setting. A quintessential power endurance route the requires strength and technique. – Mark Anderson
  4. Bone Crusher! , Evictor , Hungry WolfRyan Gajewski, Sales Coordinator
  5. Hungry Wolf 13a Clear Creek – incredible position high above the creek on a stunning overhanging face you can see from the road. It’s a full value climb that takes it all – power, technique, endurance, footwork, mental toughness – Justin D’Altorio, Purchasing Lead
  6. Hands down, Whispers of Wisdom (V10), RMNP – Alton Richardson
  7. The Web (13b) in Eldo. Easy to get to quickly if you have limited time. Burly, short, fun, great climbing. – Melisa Love

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