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  • Ever More New Routes at the Meadow River

Ever More New Routes at the Meadow River

The past couple weekends at the New River Gorge have been hot and humid, but have yielded some new routes.  I bolted a route to the right of “Depth Charge” at the Other Place – Meadow River.

I originally intended the route to climb all the way to the almost blank roof, however, upon further inspection decided to end the route lower; The climbing directly to the roof in-itself is really loss and chossy and does not add much to the route.  Also, there is a V7 or V8 boulder problem after 6 bolts of good 5.11 climbing.  I am going to leave the upper anchor and leave the V8 boulder problem finish as an open project, but have sent “Astro-Lube Sex Wax” 5.11b.

I bolted another route, at the Area 51 area of the Meadow River Gorge.  This route needs some cleaning, but I am calling it “Safety Word” 5.12a.  I’ve been keeping a running tally of the updated routes and will post it here:

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