Eve before Christmas

So two nights ago Amy and I had an amazing experience with the locals. After the 20 minute bus ride which was actually a 45 minute ride to a zoo of a city with one ATM  and a line that would run around the corner… A waiter that hated us and some exhausted sleeping on a bus and we we were back en la Playa before dark. Time for some music. The restaurants around here blast music from all directions… The whole trip I have been waiting for this moment…. LIVE MUSIC!!!
We got a map… Not a clue where we are going… Not a post with a sign in sight…
We make it not a hundred yards from the front door when the constant drumming noise we have been hearing is discovered. A massive drum circle with a beat that can only be describe as “BOOM!” is taking place. Drums the size of wine barrels in a variety of shapes are creating a storm.  Ten to fifteen drummers setting the mood. The locals-  swinging… Dancing, stomping. Dust from the feet and yells of excitement come from all directions. 
Well, it didn’t  take Long for Amy and I to catch the rhythm.  Right in the middle of the road. Cars  would creep by with only smiles, mopeds would drop into first gear. All natural and wild excitement took place. The sound and setting was perfecto!  
“Lo quieras?” One of the drummers asks some of the people. 
“Lo  quieras?” 
“Si, si, si” I say.
Not an idea what to do, but who hasn’t pounded on a bucket or made music in the kitchen with utensils.  The guy setting the beat had a mondo drum! I tried following his rhythm and they didn’t care. But one guy caught on…. And I was Booted! This old man took the drum from me.  He started pounding  it with such ferocity and rhyme that the whole circle followed his beat.
They then started to fall into line… 
Then the rhythm took of… They nailed it!!!
Feet stomping and filing together they began to march up the road… Unreal! 
That was only the beginning…
We had the treasure map to the local bands location…
“Is this the right way? Lets try this road? Where is a damn street sign? Check out that VW Bus! Whoa it’s getting dark. This hill is steep! “
Este Central Avenida ? 
La musica?
“Si!” as she flys by on her bike.
We must be getting close! 
Oh yeah, you can hear the noise.
The place is packed with locals. A tiny little stage and Boom… The band begins to play. Look at that timing. We are jammin’ once more. The band is great and everyone was loving it. As we looked around we started to realize all the drummers from before were there… It was awesome! 
Yeah… We got funny looks for being in the middle of the crowd, among a group of  close neighboring friends.  Not understanding  what was being completely sung was also amusing.  But the music was local, classic, flowed, ripped and made everything feel alright.
Nothing but friends and acquaintances were made that night.
Luckily the way home was down hill and the wind along the coast was at our backs…. A wild night and and thus far a wild trip thru Punta del Diablo! Jeezzz these people stay up late… I think it’s the heat during the day.
…Well it’s Christmas Eve and the weather is sweet. To all of Our Family and Friends… We  would like to say, We Love You  and wish many bloated bellies and smiles over the holiday.  Many beers clashed, corks popped and loved passed around. The days are counting down for the main part of the trip to began. From hiking loads in, to swinging on ropes,  to feasting on the shoulders of a Giant  and seeing how far the spit can fly from the wall. Pretty excited to drag a massive haulbag in tow, in the vertical world and sea of granite.
Merry Christmas and Thank You for the Support in so many ways.