Day four en la playa

So I have finally figured out that the sun rises over the ocean, which is compass East. No mountains in the way, just a straight blast of heat!Pretty wild. Growing up in a town on the coast I found mornings to be more pleasant at the beach, where as here- late… late in the evening is best. The sun is much more gentle then. The girls and I are fully cooked lobsters currently.  Luckily, la casa has a giant aloe plant. 
I’m starting to get un poco gordo porque la comida y cerveza. The hands are starting to peel and molt from lack of use. Picking up seashells is more fun than the idea of bouldering. Secret beaches feel as if they are around every bend. The other day a man was 50yrds out with water only up to his knees… Made me think of sharks. Then of course Amy’s Mom had a story about that situation, which we won’t go into details about…  Last night we wandered the roads enjoying the night- life with the locals.  I couldn’t resist the soccer ball being passed around in the street. The sandals came off and I gave it my best. The kid was fast, tricky and good. He megged me four times. Seeing that he had a smaller stance I was already at a disadvantage… I had zero. We played what felt like hours, but I’m sure it was probably twenty minutes. Not too bad for not moving faster than a walking speed for the last seven years. It was fun to teach him some tricks and technique, even though he destroyed me. Every time he megged me, we could hear his father, friends, my girlfriend, her family and people on the porches of the restaurants cheer… Avoiding the mopeds was a constant issue.  The tourists were a whole other obstacle, as well as the broken bricks, uneven dirt and yes, even the feral dogs… It was great!  I think I have broken seashell in my big toe… 
Well it’s early in the morning and we have to catch a twenty minute bus ride to the next town. We have to find an ATM and seek out Internet to send this off.
Hope all is well state side… And I gotta get this thing out of my toe
“Amy where are the tweezers?”