Its been a while since Ive been blogging. I don’t know why – maybe I’m just lazy or maybe I’m so burried in my training and work? No its probably that I just fear that I’ve fallen into another of life’s “traps” – you know the whole steady job, working thing? Its really a great deal I have with my job though – working 4 – 10 hour days which gives me a 3 day weekend every weekend!

I’ve been running my butt off the past couple of weeks and also, have been food planning/keeping track of all my food. My problem has always been my weight. I’ve NEVER been skinny in my life, but, being able to scrap my way up easy to mid 5.12 has always been “good enough” for me. Well…I think that’s not good enough for me any more. Mainly, because I’m running out of routes (good ones) at the easy 5.12 range to do, but more so since I’m getting older here (I’m turning 29 this year.) – I figured I may as well beat the snot out of myself, lose some weight and be a better climber.
I think that, from all the years of being heavy (though muscular) – I probably have pretty strong tendons. If I can go to be a “skinny” guy – I bet that I can crush some small holds! I know that I will likely lose enduro, which has always been my biggest strength…we’ll see.
I HAVE NOT been weighing myself, because I don’t want to know – honestly, but I have definitely been noticing some serious gains (well loses) looking in the mirror. Like OH WOW I’m getting skinny! My love handles are going the way of the beaver.
I’ve been traveling a good bit, though unfortunately, to climbing gyms since the weather has been pretty bad this season – even in Chatt, though I’ve made several Rocktown trips, a LRC trip, a day of climbing at the Obed….
I’ll post my run and diet logs. I’ve been using THIS program – which is quite excellent for tracking one’s caloric intake.
its free.