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The Big Year Part 3: Upping the Ante

Two in the afternoon, and I’m shaking uncontrollably.  One second I’m freezing, the next I’m burning up.  It hurts to move, to breathe, to blink my eyes!  I reach for the phone, and call for life support.  Uncle Stu, in his warm apartment in Bishop picks up the phone. “Stu,” I meekly say, “The flu […]

The Big Year – Part 1 (casting off)

What would you do with a full year off of work? A few years back a friend of mine proposed that question.  Hmmm.  Like school kids we sat around and day dreamed.  Patagonia, Pakistan, Nepal, Italy, Spain…. the list went on.  About a year after this conversation, I decided to start saving my money and […]

Trango Welcomes Skiy Detray to Team Trango

Trango is thrilled to announce the addition of Skiy DeTray to Team Trango. DeTray, a native of Bishop, CA, is a prolific climber and mountaineer with over 20 years of climbing experience. In addition to his extensive climbing resume, Skiy continues to be a contributing and influential member of the climbing community through education, rescues, […]