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Ethan Pringle climbs Jumbo Love 5.15b


Ethan Pringle


San Francisco, CA

Motivation to Climb

: to learn more about myself, to keep rediscovering my limits on inspiring rock climbs, to exist wholly in the present moment, and to use climbing as a way to experience different cultures and landscapes around the world. And because it's fun.

Most Memorable Climb

Built Fjord Tough 5.12/A2 in Greenland with Mike Libecki

Favorite Climbing Spot

Psicobloc in Mallorca, Spain


I live for climbing. My parents, themselves outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors chasing powder in Tahoe and semi-professional windsurfers in the 80s and 90s, introduced me to the natural wonders of the coast and the mountains straight out of the crib. I learned to ski soon after I learned to walk, and snowboard soon after that, but the moment I walked into San Francisco's premier climbing gym Mission Cliffs in 1995 and discovered climbing, everything else was obscured. I became a gym rat, spending every free hour at MC or with my nose in a climbing magazine, fantasizing about climbing my first 5.13, idolizing the heros of 1990s sport climbing generation, and anticipating the next junior competition. Over the years my passion for climbing has shifted from the gym and competitions, to inspiring lines on real rocks of all sizes, but I still enjoy monkeying around in the gym just as much as I did when I was 12, and I still idolize the heroes of this generation who are crushing the comps and the rock, most of whom are younger then I am now. In the last two decades climbing has taken me to over 25 foreign countries, and more recently I've participated in expeditions to Western China, Greenland and Yemen. I've climbed a few of my dream routes and boulders, won a few competitions against the US's strongest climbers and pushed myself close to my mental and physical limits on alpine rock FAs in remote locations, and big walls in Yosemite, but what I'm left with when the day closes is a burning desire to keep pushing my own limits on inspiring rock climbs and a huge appreciation to be a part of this wonderful, global community who shares such a unique obsession.

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