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Inside Craig DeMartino’s Adventure Rig

About two years ago, I unzipped the tent fly on a cold, right around 30 degree morning, and crawled out into the frosty air. I went to the water jugs, frozen, coffee would have to wait, and set to trying to get warm. It was at that time I noticed a guy come out the door of his van, stretch, and wave at me holding his hot mug of coffee. Bastard….

After 28 years of sleeping in the dirt, it was time to move on up to a bed and some warmth!

Craig DeMartino Sportsmobile

Our two-year search yielded this beauty (2002 Ford E350)

My wife Cyn started looking online for used vans since a new one was way out of our price range. After looking for about two years, on and off, we found a van in Dillon CO which is near our home and the negotiations began. The owner was buying a new one from Sportsmobile and had been using the van for about 10 years, it is a 2002 Ford E350 V10 and came with a modest Sportsmobile conversion. We went to “look” at the van, but thats like “looking” at puppies, you leave with a puppy, or in this case, a new van.

The most important thing for us was the pop top, some of our friends had vans without and it hurt my back to always be bent over, Sportsmobile pops the top giving you an eight foot ceiling and sleeping loft which was also needed since we have two teens who travel with us.

Craig DeMartino Sportsmobile pop top

A pop top was priority #1 when searching for our new adventure rig

It needed a new water tank and a lot of updating such as new closet doors, a fridge, and solar which I set up with only getting shocked twice. Now the van can hold 20 gallons of water, plus five more if we fill up our Road Shower which sits on top, 10 gallons of propane which run the stove and heater, and the solar runs all the electric and the fridge.

Craig DeMartino Van Solar

New solar panels installed – I only got shocked twice!

We also redid all the upper bunk padding since it was pretty crushed down and had hard spots.

Craig DeMartino Sportsmobile inside

Sleeping quarters complete with new padding

I removed the running boards it came with since they hung low and would get hit on some of the roads we drive getting to crags. I did all the work myself over about a year and have it pretty much where I like it now. Cyn and I can be out for weeks at a time with no problem, and moving from a cooler to fridge allows you to stay out longer since you don’t worry about food going bad in a cooler or getting water logged.

Craig DeMartino Van

Putting the new rig to good use

Now on a cold morning I brew up a nice mug of coffee, hang out in the warmth, and then wave to my tent camping brothers with a big smile on my face.

Craig DeMartino Joins Team Trango

Trango is proud to announce the addition of Craig DeMartino to the Trango athlete team.  “I’ve been a fan of Trango’s gear for years and the chance to join such an elite team athletes is amazing. I’m stoked to take the gear out on all my adventures and work with the team to spread the Trango vibe to the tribe”, says DeMartino.

craig hvar1

The Trango athlete team strives to support strong climbers, like Craig, who are good stewards and contributors to the climbing community at large. Craig returned to climbing in 2002 after a 100 foot ground fall that resulted in the loss of a leg, a fused back and neck, and a renewed love of being outside and the simple movement found in climbing. Craig’s determination to climb hard, give back and provide motivational speeches and clinics to other disabled climbers makes him an ideal addition to the team.


Craig DeMartino


Reading, PA

Motivation to Climb

After getting hurt, I promised myself I would never take moving for granted again. When I'm climbing, the simple idea of moving over stone still amazes me after all these years. Plus, the people and places are pretty awesome too.

Most Memorable Climb

I have a hard time picking just one, but the first time I climbed El Capitan in a Day was HUGE! We did Lurking Fear in 14 hours.

Favorite Climbing Spot

10 Sleep, the Front Range of Colorado, and Yosemite. I guess thats three really but they are sooo good!


I've been climbing for 27 years all around the globe doing a bit of everything from walls to ice, sport and trad, and even the occasional boulder thrown in for good measure. I grew up in PA as a kid who was good at art, but once I found climbing at a bachlor party, it was on! I returned to climbing after a 100 foot ground fall in 2002 that resulted in the loss of my leg, a fused back and neck, and a renewed love of being outside and the simple movement found in climbing. I climb and travel with my family as well as some great friends, and love to explore new places as well as old favorites. I shoot pictures and give motivational talks as well as teaching clinics to adaptive athletes to keep things interesting and food and gas in the van.

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