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Tales of a Broken Talus – 7 Lessons Learned.

So it’s been 75 days since my ankle went snap, crackle, pop on an otherwise delightful winter afternoon at the crag.  Since then I have been on a rather emotional roller coaster ride of thoughts, feelings, and mental processing.  Thankfully for me however (as well as everyone who has to put up with me on a daily basis…), that roller coaster has slowed down substantially in the last few weeks as my life has slowly but surely crept back to “normal.”  Looking back throughout the recovery process, Ive realized that this whole ordeal has been quite a learning experience for me, so I…Read the rest of this entry →

A Whirlwind of Local Press

Any active moms out there wanna know the best way to get your soapbox message about healthy outdoor families out there for the world to see?  For starters, you could break your ankle…It did seem rather ironic that the minute I turned into an invalid folks couldn’t wait to talk to me about my active lifestyle!  While part of me felt somewhat hypocritical touting the benefits of family adventures while I was stuck at home on the couch, it at least gave me something to focus on besides feeling sorry for myself.  Here’s a few quick blurbs about some of the latest…Read the rest of this entry →

New River Gorge: Round 2 (aka Let’s Stop Playing Games)

Considering our history with rainy weekends and the New River Gorge, we are all too aware of how fickle spring weather can be – so another weekend of sunny ad 70′s was too tempting to pass up, even though we were just there last weekend!  It also didn’t hurt that our family has been in real rock withdrawal over the past 6 weeks due to me and that ugly black boot (which is currently perched high upon a shelf in the garage, hopefully to never be resurrected again!)  So once again, we loaded up the car (this time we weren’t as rusty!), and hit the…Read the rest of this entry →

A New Season at the New River Gorge

 As we packed up our climbing and camping gear as a family on Thursday afternoon, I realized that it had been quite a while since we’d done this.  Our last family camping trip had been at the New last October, our last day multi-day climbing trip had been at the Red just before Thanksgiving, and our last day trip at the crag as a family had been at Hidden Wall 8 weeks prior when I fractured my ankle.  To be honest, I was feeling a bit rusty.  Family Packing Hour used to work like a well-oiled machine – but this time…Read the rest of this entry →

Just a Touch of Redneck

Dear Trango, “Sorry I haven’t been able to send in any videos yet.  I’ve been too busy catching cutting edge footage of my 2 year old son being hauled by a giant radio-controlled truck.”  This post shows that our family can have fun doing more than just climbing.  Unfortunately it also proves that our family also has a bit of a redneck side, which I hadn’t really been all that aware of until I found myself agreeing that this seemed like not only a great family activity, but also a perfect video opportunity.  But what can I do?  I might…Read the rest of this entry →

Tales of a Broken Talus – Update #4

For those of you that want the quick version, here’s the skinny – I’m finally out of the boot! Yay! For those that want the nitty gritty, here’s the play by play… Day 31-32:  Feeling strong on the hangboard, as I’m back up to 7-10 seconds again, despite the added weight.  Today I also added weight to my offset hangs on the large  edge.  My plan is to stick with this for another week, then next week toss in another weighted bean bag.  The warm spring weather has me frustrated because I’m afraid by the time I’m back up to par it’ll be…Read the rest of this entry →

TRANGO Grassroots Athlete Team 2012

I’ve known for a week now and it’s been all I can do to contain my excitement, but now that it’s official I can shout it from the roof tops! Somehow I ended up being chosen as one of the 6 members of Trango’s very first team of sponsored athletes!  If I’m being completely honest I’d have to say I’m rather dumbfounded as to why they would choose me, especially when I compare myself to the rest of the team (2 of whom I know personally and have seen firsthand how awesome they are…).  But regardless, I’m gonna run with it and…Read the rest of this entry →


Erica Lineberry


Charlotte, NC

Motivation to Climb

Enjoying a day outside in the mountains with friends was the original draw, but as I got more and more into the sport, the motivation became more personal. I love the athletic challenge, as well as the problem-solving aspects of working out all those subtle nuances that finally unlock to make a route “go.” Nowadays a big part of it for me is being a role model for my son (and soon-to-arrive daughter), and teaching them that the best of fun is had AWAY from a TV screen.

Most Memorable Climb

In 2012 I had a goal to send “Twelve 5.12’s in 2012.” Prior to that year I’d only had one 5.12 redpoint, so knocking off one per month was definitely going to be a challenge – physically, mentally, and even logistically since we climb as a family. After a broken ankle got me off to a rough start for that year, I worked hard and was able to snag my 12th tick with a month to spare. Having a year-long goal like that was very memorable because I learned so much during the process – obviously about climbing and projecting routes, but also about myself.

Favorite Climbing Spot

Hands-down for me would be the New River Gorge. Aside from the obvious reason that the climbing is world-class, it feels like a second home to us, as our family spends most weekends there during good weather (and often during not-so-good weather…) Choosing just one climb there is almost impossible, but if I had to choose right now I’d say Freaky Stylee (5.12a), at Endless Wall. Lots of hard, sequency moves with pretty good rests in between, culminating with big whipper potential at a stopper crux just before the anchors!


A lot of people wouldn’t think that babies and climbing are lifestyles that can co-exist, but Erica Lineberry is living proof that it can be done successfully! Erica first tied into a rope back in 2006 and has been hooked ever since. Her biggest, most exciting adventure to date began in 2010 – motherhood. A firm believer that starting a family doesn’t mean the end to climbing, Erica climbed throughout her entire pregnancy, and was back on the sharp end 4 weeks post-partum. Ironically, Erica and her family are now logging more days on the rock per season than ever before, and she has been able to send a full number grade harder than her pre-mom days. Now the family is expanding yet again, with baby #2 on the way in early March! While climbing with TWO kiddos will no doubt take some extra effort, Erica and her family are looking forward to the challenge. Professionally, Erica is a freelance writer, and blogs regularly about tips for family adventuring with kids over on her website,

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