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Brandon Groza


Bend, OR

Motivation to Climb

Fiercely competitive as long as I'm winning

Most Memorable Climb

The first spot I ever climbed: Garapota, Big Sur, CA

Favorite Climbing Spot

Rock: Eldo! But since moving to Bend I've come to love Smith Rock. For Ice and Mixed climbing: Vail, CO.


I prefer off the couch climbing. You know where the muscles are still mildly fit but all the tendons and ligaments can hardly stand the strain of holding a Nalgene? This way it's really exciting climbing one-move-wonder 5.12 sport routes with bolts every two feet - you never know when you're going to blow a pulley and your belayer constantly looks like he's seen a ghost as you fumble clip after clip. As awesome as this sounds, my greatest passion is introducing people to the sport I found over 20 years ago. Be it ice, rock, mixed, big, small, I'm into it if it's climbing and will share it with anyone. Of course, as you can probably guess, I prefer an experienced belayer...with reason :). See you out there.

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